This creative campaign to combat period poverty was a key project undertaken by the Design Team and represents the best of VIBE. Here it is presented as a case study, with downloadable resources incorporated throughout should your organisation wish to incorporate elements.

We break the campaign narrative into the following sections

  1. Consultation & Initial Engagement
  2. Campaign Planning
  3. Design Work
  4. Outreach

Consultation & Initial Engagement

The initial idea for the campaign came from school and college students in Sheffield. This consultation work began by asking open questions of female learners in order to understand the issues most affecting them. We entered this process with no preconceptions and were keen to learn from the girls themselves.

Download blank consultation slips

Again and again, respondents identified periods as being at the root of problems experienced. Different yet interlinked issues were highlighted: access to sanitary products, stigma, access to school facilities, pain. This range of experiences led us to consult further, to try and get a clearer idea of which negative secondary effects of menstruation were most keenly felt.

This stage confirmed to us that period poverty and access to sanitary products was very much a live issue, reflecting a broader national trend. Alongside this, it appeared that many young women still felt they hadn’t had ready access to clear information that would have helped them understand better what was happening to their bodies. With our key campaign issues identified, the Design Team reconvened to discuss how best to move forward.

Campaign Planning

To begin the process, we ran a session to facilitate open discussion on periods, challenge misconceptions and learn some key information. This was an open session hosted by the Design Team and VIBE Engagement Worker, so those wishing to be involved in the campaign would start armed with the facts.

Download Session Plan

Download Periods True or False cards

Following this, a plan was established.

The Design Team decided there needed to be free access to sanitary products in locations across the city, and decided to create packs including these products along with a zine of their design to help demystify menstruation.

Using the template attached, tasks were identified and assigned, and each member of the group was given a timescale to work to.

Design Work

The Design Team worked with an illustrator to create eye-catching visuals.

These were combined with text – produced collaboratively by the young women – to form the finished zine.

Download PadATTACK zine

In addition, the team worked on a presentation to deliver in schools, explaining the rationale behind the project and encouraging participation.


Once the packs had been produced, it was time to spread the word and sign up local partners to help us distribute the products to where they were needed. The first step was writing letters to local schools.


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